Bonjour and welcome!

I’ve been trying to think of an adequate way of describing myself and this site for quite some time and can’t settle on much. So I thought I should start with the basics. My name is Destiny and I’m a twenty year old Midwestern-American girl living in Paris, France where I study visual culture. I have what feels like a trillion interests and thoughts, mostly central to art, travel, and food. Because I typically fail miserably at keeping a journal, I thought it would be best to try a new format for thoughts, which is why I created chouchoufrisé.

Chouchoufrisé is derived from chouchou, a term of affection in French, and chou frisé, the word for kale, the rough around the edges superfood I love so dearly (Screw the kale haters! All leafy greens are equally good!). It could even be a reference to this frizzy mop on my head as frisé also means curly. This mulit-meaning username is exactly how my cluttered brain works, which I hope I can share pieces of with you if you’re down for the ride, and don’t think I worded this sentence in a very Hannibal Lecter way.

À bientôt,