On Starting This Blog & Getting Good At My Hobbies

I’m pretty bad at being consistent in things I enjoy doing. “Hobbies shouldn’t feel like chores” was always my motto growing up, which is probably directly correlated to why I’m probably not particularly good at anything now. I read slowly, I watch few movies, and my art takes months to finish. However, this new year I’ve decided that I’ll stop this lackadaisical mindset and really crack down on myself. No longer will I give myself such intense breaks for things that aren’t even hard. To be good or successful at something requires work, work which allows you to look back on things you have done and actually be proud of them.

With this in mind, I hoped to tackle four major aspects of my hobbies:
– reading
– writing
– making art
– seeing art

Incorporating these into my new year’s resolutions, I’ve decided to address these aspects in the following ways. In 2018, I hope to:
– read more articles and blogs on things that interest me (any sources you guys recommend?) and complete a total of 15 books this year which cannot be related to my schoolwork
– write more on this blog by posting weekly, as well as practicing my French by keeping a journal of thoughts en francais (corny language transition, I know)
– combine said french journal with an art journal and practice more art, as well as use my photoshop skills for good and not evil and create things I’m proud of instead of monstrosities like this:

and also, I will learn how to use final cut, which I promised myself I would do in 2016. (Hopefully, any good things I do in these media forms will be uploaded here as well!)
– lastly, see more art by making the best of the world around me. I hope to take more pictures, go more places and events, and find ever more people who inspire me.

This is a pretty me-centric and listless post, but I always find resolutions inspiring. It’s nice when people make an effort to address a problem they have and make a change, even if just for a few weeks. January as a month is like a caffeine jolt for your whole year, in my opinion. Why let that energy go to waste?

All the best,



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